This is a good day.

March just kills me dead. Every March, I dread it beginning and try to lie low and wait for it to be over. It is not a good season in New England. Shoosh, you cheerful people. It just isn’t. It’s not spring, it snowed almost 48″ in my relatively southerly portion of the region, and even if it doesn’t snow, it’s this monochrome beaver gray mess (much of which is snow). Everything has about the same color value. I get outside and want to turn around and go back in for a nap.

But today! Today is the kind of day that makes me forget March. It is warm and sunny, and the birds are out playing. Also the fighter planes, because I live near a military base and for some reason, in April, they frequently fly at very low altitudes over our neighborhood and scare the cat.

And my Gwen is done:

Never again with the sweater zipper. Never. I don’t care if buttons are stodgy and zippers are sporty. I spent the whole day on that zipper yesterday and it’s still not exactly right, but I lack the wherewithal to fix it. I wore it today, warm weather be damned, and I left it partially open because the top fronts don’t meet quite. It’s a quarter inch, but I keep seeing it and being annoyed. I think that if I had it to do over, I’d have made it a size smaller. Still, it’s super-comfortable and warm, and will be terrific next fall, when the chill really sets in. Since I work in the mornings, I’m always going to work cold and coming home too warm. It was great to leave my coat home.

Next on the menu is a wedding shawl for my baby sister, Denise of Nerdiseonbooks, who is getting married over Memorial Day weekend. I have some nice CashSilk Lace for her:
I’m also still working on my Hue Shift for a baby gift. The baby will almost certainly be there before the blankie, but what can you do. It’s a relief to just knit square after square for a change, though. It makes me feel rested.

Something awesome just for today: the Oatmeal did a strip on the mantis shrimp, based on the segment from the Radiolab Color podcast from last spring. He exhorts his readers to listen to Radiolab, and so do I. Plus, bonus, Neil deGrasse Tyson had an interview with Anthony Bourdain on the most recent episode of StarTalk Radio, and how this lengthy discussion of food is related to the cosmos, I couldn’t say, but it was very fun. Ditto the recent interview with Nick Offerman on The Nerdist podcast, which if listened to correctly will either take your existing Ron Swanson fantasies up to eleven, or give you several new ones.

(I will now valiantly attempt not to be distracted from Special Event Knitting to cast on an Iced for myself. Starting…now. Oh, wait, I have yarn for that in my stash. It would be so nice for work next winter. Damn. Starting…now!)