I’ve got some stuff that would tranquilize an active volcano.

I’ve been watching Star Trek TOS this summer. Gold, I tell you. Pure gold.

My awesome cousin Sarah finally got her blog up and running, so go check it out for New England comfort food and whatever else she’s cooking up: The Answer is Garlic. That meat pie recipe is the one our mothers got from their mother, who probably got it from her mother. I have wanted some ever since Sarah posted it, and this is just not the right season for it, so that tells you how good it is. Maybe I’ll make it as a treat for my husband when he gets home.

Oh, my poor husband. He went away to visit his aunt and uncle in Wisconsin and got a broken leg for his troubles. The universe has not been kind to him these past couple of years.

That alone can’t account for my silence. I had a surgery early in June and was off for a week recuperating from that. Otherwise, I’ve just been doing what I do: bringing the boys to their activities, taking care of the house, working on plans and new texts for teaching in the fall, and knitting. Sarah’s Flaming June is coming along nicely and should be done by the end of the month. I took a commission for a Going Green for another friend, and I said I’d start that in August. And my aunt, Sarah’s mother, also wants a Flaming June, so I’ll get that going ASAP also. Do I still need sweaters for myself? YesIdo–but for once, I have a very good reason to wait. I had a breast reduction (yaaaaaayyy! Many years I waited for that) and want the swelling to be fully settled before I make new sweaters for myself. The obvious advantage is that my back and neck feel much better; the one only knitters could appreciate is that now it will be much easier to knit for myself, since I’m much more proportional and won’t need to do a full bust adjustment as much anymore. The bad news is that now my Gwen has gone from too big to much too big, so I have to decide what to do about her. It might be beyond taking in. With my current measurements, I estimate I’ll have to make a size 8″ smaller than the one I finished. …Yes. Oh, well, I never liked how that zipper came out. And the new one will take less yarn, so I might get a second sweater out of what I have left.

Books! CraftLit just ran chapters 5 and 6 of The Age of Innocence, and it’s gone from interesting to amazing in one fell swoop. This is the first part of the book where the full intricacy of Wharton’s writing is evident, and Newland Archer’s musings about the status of women are a comprehensive refutation of the old ways and a reasoned argument for feminism in one. It’s just brilliant; has to be read to be believed. I am finding this book to be reminiscent of Austen as something of a comedy of manners, but unlike Austen, Wharton was writing about a time about 50 years in the past (1920 writing about 1870s New York). As a result, Austen assumed her audience was familiar with her references and their implications, but Wharton is explicating this time in history for both insider and outsider readers. And what she’s describing is both ridiculous and deadly serious, a dichotomy she manages exceptionally well. I look forward to the chapters every week, and I’ve been reading them on Kindle also, just to be sure everything is sinking in. Really great book; highly recommended.

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