It’s been March since September

I was reading back and seeing that a year ago, I was writing that March just kills me dead. By that metric, though, it’s been March for the last eight months. My husband and I worked on getting him recuperated from his broken leg through the end of September, by which time school had started for me and for my older son, and then the holidays, and then the dark, wretched, long winter, and now…the sun is out and I begin to feel like I can breathe again, if only a little. This is, of course, when the school year starts to drag, especially on warm Friday afternoons. I wonder if the students would believe me if I told them I don’t really want to be there either, on a day like this, when I have a perfectly good porch waiting for me at home, and a sweater nearly finished.

Detail of Keynote

Much has happened on the crafting front. I finished the commission I’d just taken when I last posted, and it turned out rather well after all the fuss and bother of having to re-start the thing and then frog most of that. That’s the thing about Knit, Swirl! It’s not hard to do; for a knitter with any skill, it’s easy. But certain things about it must go right, and if they don’t, it’s all down the drain. I’d wanted one of these for myself, and I’ll probably still make it…in a few years.

Detail of yoke on Mork

Aside from that, I knitted a Mork for myself this winter, and am nearly done with a Keynote out of some City Tweed I held in stash for several years. I also made Julia Lucas’s Knotty Gloves for my mother for Christmas, and two Declan hats for my cousin’s boys. My mother-in-law was asking me why I didn’t knit any for my own boys. The knitter’s kids go bareheaded, evidently. Anyhow, they’ll still have heads next winter, and perhaps I can take EZ’s good advice and make winter accessories in the spring and summer so they’ll be ready when the weather gets cold. I can’t wait to log more time on my porch chair as it warms up. I’ve missed being outdoors.

Next time: spinning!